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Sheku playing the Cello at Shine - BBC Young Musician of the year in 2016

No matter your age, experience, background or ability - music has the power to bring immense benefits to individuals, communities and society as a whole!

At ABRSM we’ve made it our mission to inspire and support musical achievement around the world. Through world-class exams, award-winning books, learning apps, creative partnerships and scholarships, we do everything we can to support participation, progression and success in music.

This website is all about shining a spotlight on the benefits and power of music through real stories and real people from all over the world. 

Meet Linos Linos plays the Mbira, an ancient, traditional Zimbabwean instrument. He was born into a tribe where music is central to the culture and the Mbira is used in healing and spiritual ceremonies.

Meet Ernie 13 year old Ernie always had an idea he wanted to play the drums. When a family friend gave him a drum kit he immediately found a new passion and all he wants to do is get better.

At our Shine event in July 2017, we saw hundreds of people get excited and celebrate music-making and music education. We wanted to continue to highlight the skills and benefits that people from all walks of life have experienced #BECAUSEOFMUSIC. 

 We hope you'll be inspired by the stories that we will feature here in the coming weeks and months. And if you have anything to contribute, join us! Share your #BECAUSEOFMUSIC story on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you could be selected to feature on the website. 

“Music is the universal language…it brings people closer together.” - Ella Fitzgerald

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