"I lead a more soulful life"


Mike the Mic is a community musician, artist and teacher. He plays swing guitar, performing popular music from the 1920s to 1940s. 

He felt inspired in his youth by buskers and street entertainers. They gave him a new perspective, that you could make a living out of music.  Being offered his first gig was a defining moment,  especially important for someone without the benefits of a formal education.

Music has been his main occupation for over two decades, solo and with bands, at gigs and festivals at home and abroad, on the street, in care homes.

He speaks about the positive benefits of music. In a recent gig at a care home he noticed that people who appeared normally mentally absent were obviously awakened, music having triggered something “reconnecting people to the moment, bringing them back to life”.

Beyond individual benefits, he thinks music has an important function as a “community glue”.

“Music is a way of coaxing people bringing people together in the moment. Because of music, I lead a more soulful life. To be able to bring the goodness of the human spirit to people through your work is a great joy”



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