"I feel like I'm part of a team"


A few years ago retired school teacher Sue decided to join a Samba band and play the bells. She was looking for something new in her life, having recently lost her husband. 

A frequent concert-goer (mostly classical music), she finds it interesting to be on the performing side of things for a change. "One of the things I do enjoy is doing gigs which I think is highly amusing at my age … especially when I tell my grandchildren."

As someone who has been involved in sports all her life she is used to being part of a team. Being in a Samba band has given her a similar experience of collaboration and co-operation. "I’ve also sung in choirs - you’ve got to sing the correct notes at the right speed with everybody else … It’s very satisfying to play as a team member and then to hear the music and to know that you are part of the whole sound which is coming out."

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